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A selection of images from my recent travels. My latest images are from the Riviera Maya, Mexico, The Isle of Symi, Greece and the beautiful Island of Menorca.
Riviera Maya, MexicoSeascape MenorcaRiviera Maya, MexicoLighthouse of ArtrutxRiviera Maya, MexicoLighthouse of Artrutx, menorca, cala n bosch, lighthouse, bnw, clouds, seascape, black and white, weather, stormy clouds, stormMenorcan SunsetRiviera Maya, MexicoRockpoolMenorcan SunsetCiutadella HarbourLighthouse of ArtrutxRiviera Maya, MexicoCiutadellaRiviera Maya, MexicoMayan Ruins of TulumRiviera Maya, MexicoRiviera Maya, MexicoSymi Island, Greece